11-Week Webinar

Life Mission Principles: Taking Your Journey to the Next Level

Do you have a specific set of principles to guide your life-mission?  We will be sharing eleven universal principles which will help you create a scaffolding to inspire, internalize and invite action for your life-mission, whatever that may be.  These companion principles are universal and apply to every living being or Creation.  Each week we will be illustrating these principles through Biblical and other stories, as well as examples from today.  Then we’ll invite you to act through simple weekly assignments.

Thursday, February 23rd — May 4th, 2017

1-hr dynamic webinar Thursday evenings, 7:30 – 8:30 pm,  11 Weeks ~  22 Life-Mission Principles


Class Outline

  • 5/5 min   Review / Shares from weekly Principles or Strategies
  • 5 min   Introduce new Principles B-Being & D-Doing
    • 20 min   B- Illustrations, Examples & Stories
    • 20 min   D- Illustrations, Examples & Stories
  • 3 min  Writing 
  • 2 min   Upcoming challenge & action steps 

More Details:

We will email:

  • An Introduction email with how to prepare for class and a short video to watch:
    • “5 Strategies to Seeing Principles everywhere.” 
  • A pdf worksheet to print each week before class.  
  • Online Zoom classroom links and instructions.


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